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MathTree® - General Math from Roots to Leaves
Rockville, MD (JDS) Charles E Smith Jewish Day School
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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Cost: $420
Select from the options below for Full or Extended Day :
Before Care Before Care (8 - 9 AM) $60
P-A-L 10 (Puzzles-Art-Lunch) P-A-L (Puzzles-Art-Lunch) for 10 days (9 AM - 1 PM) $395
After Care After Care (4:30 - 5:30 PM) $60
In Roots to Leaves, as we affectionately call this camp, campers help Numero, the Number Wizard, rebuild the Numeratory that has been destroyed by a tornado.  In doing so, they tune into their sense of number, enriching it with lively exploration into number theory topics such as odds and evens and prime numbers. Guided by the teacher in this endeavor, campers open a window into the underlying structure of mathematics.

Campers also develop their skills individually as they climb the MathTree® from the Roots level up.  MathTree® is a tree you want your child to climb!  Using the MathTree® proprietary skill system, youngsters refresh, sharpen, and extend their repertoire of math skills. The skill curriculum customizes to each child so this camp is useful for enrichment, review, or remediation. Skills include the four basic operations plus fractions, decimals, and percents. More advanced campers develop their skills in integers, absolute value, order of operation, exponents, radicals, and complex fractions.

Roots to Leaves is generally for youngsters entering 5th through 7th grades, that is, kids who have a good basic knowledge of the four basic math operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Youngsters can participate in this camp up to three summers until they complete the Branches level of the MathTree, at which time they become eligible for Algebra Appetizers for Adolescents. 

For a printable flier on Roots to Leaves, click here.

Fee ranges from $420 to $495 for a 2-week half-day session depending on the location and session dates. Full-day options are available each location.

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